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Study finds no higher risk of miscarriage after COVID-19

LUMC research has shown that women who previously had a miscarriage due to COVID-19 are not at increased risk of having another miscarriage or a stillbirth. Nor are preventive drugs needed during the pregnancy.


Exploring how uncertainty motivates actions in epidemics

In an epidemic, we often focus on three staple metrics: Who does or doesn't have the disease, the rate at which people are contracting the disease, and the mortality rates. What's often left out, as explored in a new book ...


Diagnostic tests 'just to be on the safe side' not recommended

Paradoxical maybe, but it's what often happens in the health services: When you ask for an MRI to be on the safe side, your uncertainty increases, says Bjørn Hoffman, a professor at the Department of Health Sciences at the ...

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