Psychology & Psychiatry

People assume sexists are also racist and vice versa

The stigma associated with prejudice against women and people of color seems to transfer from one group to another, according to new findings published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological ...


Research finds daily discrimination sickens African-Americans

By midlife, many African-Americans have experienced enough day-to-day forms of mistreatment – being followed around stores or stopped without cause by police – to make them sick: clinically, chronically and even fatally ...


No gain if unfair

Would you turn down a "sure" amount of money? You might be surprised by your choice. According to scientific research, humans tend to turn down a sure reward if this derives from an unfair distribution of resources, whether ...


Epilepsy discrimination still rife

People with epilepsy continue to face high rates of stigma and discrimination, particularly in the workplace, according to Flinders University disability expert Dr Michelle Bellon.

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