Overweight & Obesity

Fat people do not need your concerns about their health

Gravely misinformed ideas about health, beauty and body image still dominate, as derogatory reactions to plus size model Tess Holliday's October Cosmopolitan UK magazine cover prove. TV presenter Piers Morgan, for example, ...


How other people's looks affect what we eat

When you next pop into a café for a snack or lunch, you may not be aware of how your food choice is influenced by the appearance of the waitress or waiter.


Making New Year's resolutions that last

(HealthDay)—Though made with the best of intentions, most New Year's resolutions last about as long as the bubbles in leftover champagne.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Obesity, diabetes threaten economic health: Saudi minister

Obesity and diabetes threaten Gulf states' economic health as well as human wellbeing, Saudi Arabia's health minister has said, as the region struggles with the growing cost of the conditions.

Oncology & Cancer

Danish discovery may change cancer treatment

Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Herlev Hospital have made a discovery that may change the principles for treating certain types of cancer.

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