Expert discusses making HIV vaccines more powerful

An MIT research team led by Professor Darrell Irvine has developed a novel kind of vaccine adjuvant: A nanoparticle that can help to stimulate the immune system to generate a stronger response to a vaccine. These nanoparticles ...

Medical research

Concerted action a key to COVID vaccine development

A new report commissioned by The Wellcome Trust has identified the factors that enabled vaccines for COVID-19 to be developed and authorized so quickly and effectively.


Predicting how well a vaccine will work for you

In an advance that sheds light on why certain vaccines may influence people differently, a new computational approach developed at the University of Michigan may predict how individual patients are likely to respond.


The 'key' to new COVID-19 vaccine development

New variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus most likely will necessitate the development of more vaccine options in the years ahead, and a biomedical scientist at Iowa State University believes the 'key' to that development lies ...

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