Vaccine rollout not going well, say most Australians

Almost two-thirds of adult Australians, 64 percent, think the Government's COVID-19 vaccine rollout is not being handled well, a study from The Australian National University (ANU) shows.

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India COVID deaths hit record as J&J jab gets US green light

India's daily COVID death toll hit a new high Saturday, with hospitals facing oxygen shortages and crematoriums pushed to capacity, as US regulators said pharma giant Johnson & Johnson can restart a vaccine rollout paused ...

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California goes from worst to first in virus infections

Just a few months ago, California was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. Hospitals in Los Angeles were drowning in patients, and ambulances were idling outside with people struggling to breathe, waiting ...

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Ontario retracts new restrictions that drew the ire of many

Ontario's premier retracted restrictions Saturday that banned playgrounds and allowed police to require anyone not at home to explain why they're out after a backlash from police forces, health officials and the public.

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Pressure on Spain govt to extend state of emergency

With infections again on the rise and Europe's vaccine rollout delayed over clotting concerns, the Spanish government is under pressure to extend a state of emergency to fight the pandemic.

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