New growth factor for the liver identified

A healthy liver is capable of completely regenerating itself. Researchers from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU), University Hospital Düsseldorf (UKD) and the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) have now identified the ...

Oncology & Cancer

New study shows antioxidants stimulate blood flow in tumors

Vitamin C and other antioxidants stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in lung cancer tumors, a new study from Karolinska Institutet published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows. The discovery corroborates ...

Oncology & Cancer

Tackling an aggressive, treatment-resistant lymphoma

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, is the most common aggressive lymphoma in children. Chemotherapy and radiation fail to cure about 30% of cases. When tumors are driven by the oncogene ALK—which ...

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