New law expands care for rape victims

(HealthDay)—Expanded care for sexual assault victims is a main feature of the Violence Against Women Act that was signed into law Tuesday by President Joe Biden.

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Young people could learn to avoid being victims of crime

"We already know that immaturity is an explanation for young people's delinquency, but now we can show that immaturity also is an important factor in deciding whether young people become victims of violence or not," says ...

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Students who repeat a grade experience more bullying, study finds

Students who have repeated a grade have higher risks of being victims of bullying in countries around the world, according to a new study of nearly half a million students publishing November 11 in PLOS Medicine by Xiayun ...

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Young sexual abuse victims may be at more risk online

Teenage girls' internet activity—together with offline risk factors—can increase their risk of online victimization, and this is more likely for those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, suggests a study published ...

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New details about 17th-century plague hospital in Bristol

An undergraduate history student from the University of Bristol has uncovered previously unknown details about one of the worst-named, but possibly most successful, quarantine hospitals in English history: Bristol's "Forlorn ...


'Trauma Informed Care' can help break the cycle of violence

Trauma surgeons are often the first point of contact with the health care system for victims of violence. However, their role can extend beyond caring for a patient's physical injuries. Trauma centers can help address root ...


Rural availability of sexual assault nurse examiners

For victims of sexual assault, high-quality health care provided by sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) is associated with improved health and prosecutorial outcomes. However, very little is known about access to SANEs.

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