Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Stroke therapy shoe empowers patients' recovery

In a rural village near Guadalajara, Mexico, Maria Magdalena Valencia Juares, known as Elena, has to climb 120 stairs to get to her home on the top of a hill. It's a source of exercise for the 70-year-old and the connection ...


Virtual village can empower vulnerable groups of people

New psychosocial stressors and widespread lifestyle changes resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to depression, isolation, and anxiety. Many studies have explored the impact of the pandemic on the general population's ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

'Total mess' in China's rural east as COVID wave hits hard

Exhausted doctors working overtime, tests and treatments nowhere to be found, and under-resourced clinics inundated with patients—in Anhui, one of east China's poorest provinces, COVID hit hard.

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