Psychology & Psychiatry

'Follow the leader' mentality a hallmark of gang rape

Physically violent rapes by multiple perpetrators are most frequently carried out by groups in which a strong leader is able to influence the behavior of followers, new research shows.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Downward mobility link to violent crime and self-harm

The children of families who fall upon hard times are at significantly greater risk of being involved in violent crime and harming themselves as young adults, according to a major new study.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychosocial factors, psychological disorders and violent crime

A group of researchers from the department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Seville, in collaboration with the Public Foundation for the Integration of People with Mental Illnesses (FAISEM), has carried out ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How much do we know about the psychology of violence?

Violence is one of society's biggest, most tragic problems. The human cost of violent crime is all too obvious: victims, perpetrators and witnesses all suffer. Violence occurs on an enormous scale: in 2014-15, there were ...


Gamblers more prone to violent behavior

Men who gamble are more likely to act violently towards others, with the most addicted gamblers the most prone to serious violence, new research has shown.

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