How much energy do we expend thinking and using our brain?

After a long day of work or study, your brain might feel like it has been drained of energy. But does our brain burn more energy when engaging in mental athletics than it does during other activities, such as watching TV?


Video: Visual snow, a rare disorder

Winter means snow starts falling in many parts of the country. But there's a different kind of snow that appears year-round for some people across the globe.


Movement can help with the processing of visual information

Modern living and working environments are increasingly characterized by the simultaneous execution of locomotion and sensory—mostly visual—processing. Also, many job profiles require the simultaneous processing of visual ...


Using deep learning to predict the vision of glaucoma patients

Research from a team including the Crabb Lab at City, University of London has used "deep learning" (DL), which is a type of artificial intelligence (AI), on thousands of images of the backs of the eyes of glaucoma patients ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Infants preferentially perceive faces in the upper visual field

It has previously been reported that the human visual system has an asymmetry in the visual field. For example, humans are better at finding faces in the upper visual field than lower visual field (the so-called "upper visual ...

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