Psychology & Psychiatry

Social media could open doors for studying memory, study finds

Researchers in the Brain Bridge Lab at UChicago have found that personal moments captured via social media allowed them to map out a multidimensional topography of memory—and it could open up new venues for exploring memory.


Willingness to use video telehealth increased during pandemic

Americans' use and willingness to use video telehealth has increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, rising most sharply among Black Americans and people with less education, according to a new RAND Corporation ...

Medical research

Artificial intelligence could help ease strain on hospitals

Pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) which automatically diagnoses lung diseases—such as tuberculosis and pneumonia—could ease winter pressures on hospitals, University of the West of Scotland researchers believe.


With constructive feedback our brain learns the perfect timing

It's important in sports and in interpersonal relationships—perfect timing. But how does our brain learn to estimate when events might occur and react accordingly? Scientists at MPI CBS in Leipzig together with colleagues ...

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