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Is humming healthy? Mmm, here's what the evidence says

There are plenty of health claims about humming. They include reducing stress, helping you breathe more easily, relieving sinus congestion, lowering your blood pressure and lifting your mood.


Why our voices change as we get older

Sir Elton John set a record at this year's Glastonbury, becoming the most-watched headliner in the festival's history, with more than 7 million people tuning in live to the BBC to watch his last ever UK performance.


Study highlights varied need for Botox with vocal disorders

Some of Dr. Tanya Meyer's patients contend with chronic neuromuscular conditions that can turn smooth, unencumbered speech into raspy paroxysms of sound. Fortunately, this can be managed with periodic botulinum toxin injections—yes, ...


Our brain prefers positive vocal sounds that come from our left

Sounds that we hear around us are defined physically by their frequency and amplitude. But for us, sounds have a meaning beyond those parameters: we may perceive them as pleasant or unpleasant, ominous or reassuring, and ...

Medical research

Exploring how vocal tract size, shape dictate speech sounds

Only humans have the ability to use speech. Remarkably, this communication is understandable across accent, social background and anatomy despite a wide variety of ways to produce the necessary sounds.

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