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Q&A: Time to finally stop worrying about COVID?

Is it finally time to stop worrying about COVID? The latest from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention might leave that impression with some.


Opioid addiction starts at the ER, according to studies

Legitimate prescriptions of opioids as painkillers are a contributing factor in long-term addiction to these substances. This is what Sarah Eichmeyer of Bocconi's Department of Economics and Jonathan Zhang of McMaster University ...


Achieving sustainable diets with nutrition equity

One of the planet's greatest challenges is nourishing all of humanity while protecting the health of the planet itself. In a commentary published in the journal One Earth, Lora Iannotti, a professor at the Brown School at ...


Narrowing the digital divide for health care

Many parts of rural America with less access to health care also have limited broadband internet that could help them take advantage of increasingly popular online health services.

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