A blueprint for more equitable care in public health crises

A testing lab set up within eight days, teams focused on testing and treating COVID-19 in the Black and Latinx communities, and the launch of one of the largest testing studies in the nation—these are a few examples of ...

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New York asks WHO to re-name 'stigmatizing' monkeypox

New York City asked the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday to rename the monkeypox virus to avoid stigmatizing patients who might then hold off on seeking care.

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Omicron subvariants and the changing landscape of COVID-19

Omicron is mutating in giant leaps, with scientists racing to keep up. Its diversity is challenging vaccine efficacy and complicating treatment. But this fall, broad spectrum bivalent vaccines may help mitigate the seemingly ...

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Overcrowding, old buildings fueled COVID surge in California prisons

Overcrowding, sometimes in antiquated buildings, compounded by rapidly changing conditions and the need for complex coordination, helped to drive a dramatic surge in COVID-19 in California's prisons, according to a new report ...

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