Low-status jobs with high vulnerability during pandemic

Workplace infection risk and failing crisis information dissemination are both factors contributing to high incidence of COVID-19 among foreign-born workers in low-status occupations, a report from the University of Gothenburg's ...


New FDA chief can't come soon enough for beleaguered agency

Straining under a pandemic workload and battered by a string of public controversies, one of the leading agencies in the government's fight against COVID-19 is finally on the verge of getting a new commissioner.

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Report finds that life expectancy falls as a result of COVID-19

A new report, The COVID-19 Pandemic, published today by the Longevity Science Panel (LSP) (with contributions by MICRA's Professor Debbie Price), highlights that life expectancy at birth fell by 1.3 years for men and 0.9 ...


Little research available on the long-term effects of tear gas

University of Minnesota Medical School graduate students analyzed and summarized literature on the health effects of chemical demonstration control agents, such as tear gas, including the studies which informed existing exposure ...


Singapore to give vaccine boosters as cases rise

Singapore will start giving coronavirus vaccine booster shots to the elderly and those with weak immune systems, officials said Friday, as cases rise despite high inoculation rates.


Cyprus to give booster jab to over 65s

Cyprus will give COVID-19 booster jabs to those over 65 and care home residents whose full vaccination is more than six months old, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas said Thursday.

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