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Haiti fears spike in cholera cases as fuel blockade lifts

Cholera cases are overwhelming Haiti as experts warn the situation could worsen now that the country is bustling once again after a paralyzing fuel blockade that lasted two months.


Refugees at higher risk for persistent infections

The destruction caused by war is evident both in its toll to human life and its impact on infrastructure. Those who are lucky enough to escape violence face many challenges, from finding a safe place to live to securing employment, ...


Study: Drought linked to higher diarrhea risk in children

Diarrhea is a leading killer of young children around the world, and cases often rise after heavy rains and flooding. But diarrhea risks can also increase in dry conditions, an ominous sign as the world continues to get warmer ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Wastewater an untapped resource in COVID-19 fight

Investing in wastewater treatment could improve availability of water resources but countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are not prioritizing it even as the region grapples with water scarcity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, experts ...

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