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Water systems study finds Legionella in 41% of samples

A new study of domestic and hospital drinking water systems found Legionella in 41% of samples—with Flinders University researchers making a key connection between the pathogen's co-existence with a "host" microorganism ...


Why am I bloated? Here are some possibilities to consider

If your tummy seems to feel full or stretched and is rumbling all the time, you're not alone. Up to 30% of people of all ages experience bloating, with symptoms such as gassiness, a sense of fullness and pressure.

Medical research

Study reveals that kidney cells don't filter blood, they pump it

Human kidneys are an intricate network of tubes that process roughly 190 quarts of blood every day. Lining these tubes are epithelial cells that transport blood through the kidneys and circulate it back into the body. How ...

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