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China virus outbreak revives calls to stop wildlife trade

The outbreak of a new virus linked to a wildlife market in central China is prompting renewed calls for enforcement of laws against the trade in and consumption of exotic species.

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China virus city in transport shutdown as WHO extends talks

China said it was halting flights and trains from Thursday out of Wuhan, the city of 11 million people at the centre of a deadly SARS-like virus outbreak, as the UN extended emergency talks on the disease.

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On the menu at China virus market: rats and live wolf pups

The food market where China's deadly virus surfaced was a smorgasbord of exotic wildlife ranging from wolf pups to species linked to previous pandemics such as civets, according to vendor information and a Chinese media report.

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Wuhan urges people to stay away in bid to contain China virus

The Chinese city at the centre of the fight against a SARS-like virus outbreak has told people to stay away, cancelling major Lunar New Year events as medical staff handled patients in full-body protective suits and officials ...

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Rabies: How it spreads and how to protect yourself

A 21-year-old Canadian man recently died of rabies—a disease that kills an estimated 59,000 people a year internationally but hasn't infected a person in Canada since 2007.


Biologist leads pioneering study on stress

A biologist at Louisiana State University conducted a pioneering research study that could help us to better understand the role of dopamine in stress resilience in humans through analyzing wild songbirds. This study could ...

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