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U.S. livestock, pet industries pose disease threat to people

American industry engages in some of the same high-risk practices as other countries in keeping and selling commercial animals that have the potential for triggering outbreaks of disease among humans, a new report shows.

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Tanzania probes mystery illness after five die

Tanzania has dispatched a team of health experts to investigate a mysterious disease that has claimed the lives of five people, the government said.

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How concerned should we be about bird flu?

Now two years in, the global avian flu outbreak has devastated wild and domestic bird populations, leapt into various species of mammals, and cost governments and farmers billions as consumers feel the pain in their grocery ...

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Experts say bird flu threat small despite Cambodian fatality

A top World Health Organization official, reacting to the death of an 11-year-old girl in Cambodia infected by bird flu, said Friday the recent global spread of the virus and human infections are "worrying."


Monkeypox viruses remain sensitive to the available drugs

The mpox virus is closely related to the smallpox virus (variola virus), which caused large, deadly outbreaks before it was eradicated by vaccination at the end of the 1970s. While the smallpox virus led to very severe disease ...

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Pandemic prep needs 'smart surveillance' to predict viral spillovers

"Smart surveillance" for viral spillover from animals to humans, targeted preparedness and drug and vaccine research, and worldwide cooperation on surveillance and stopping disease spread are required to reduce deaths and ...

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