Overweight & Obesity

Finding the willpower to lose weight

(HealthDay)—Dieters sometimes chalk up their lack of weight-loss success to a lack of willpower. The truth about willpower, though, is that everyone has some.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Key to willpower lies in believing you have it in abundance

Americans believe they have less stamina for strenuous mental activity than their European counterparts - an indication that people in the U.S. perceive their willpower or self-control as being in limited supply, a new study ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Sequential options prompt future thinking, boost patience

When faced with a tempting choice, it can be hard to stop and think through the potential consequences, but new research suggests that framing the choice as a sequence of events can help us exercise patience by prompting ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Be more patient? Imagine that.

How often do you act impulsively without considering the consequences? What if you could learn how to be more patient?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Rephrasing choices could boost self control

(Medical Xpress)—Do you want to avoid chocolate until you've lost weight or leave your savings in the bank earning interest rather than splurge on an expensive gadget? You might think using willpower is the best way to ...

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