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Omicron detected in Beijing as China battles Covid clusters

An Omicron case has been detected in Beijing, officials in the Chinese capital said Saturday, as the country battles multiple outbreaks of the highly transmissible coronavirus variant ahead of the Winter Olympics.

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How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy

The distressing case of a pregnant Chinese woman miscarrying after a strict lockdown delayed her access to medical treatment has reignited debate over the limits of China's zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19.

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China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases

More than one million people in a city in central China were being confined to their homes on Tuesday after three asymptomatic coronavirus cases were recorded in the country's latest mass lockdown.

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China expands lockdowns as Covid cases climb

Hundreds of thousands more people were confined to their homes in northern China Tuesday as the country battled its worst COVID surge in 21 months and locked-down residents took to social media to complain about food shortages.

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China's Xi'an imposes 'strictest' controls to halt Covid outbreak

The locked-down Chinese city of Xi'an on Monday tightened COVID-19 controls to the "strictest" level, banning residents from driving cars around town in an effort to control the country's worst outbreak in 21 months.

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China reports highest number of coronavirus cases in four months

China Saturday reported its highest number of new coronavirus cases in four months as officials rushed to contain outbreaks in several regions, including Xi'an city where millions are still under lockdown.

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How to fight seasonal depression amid the pandemic

While some welcome the changing leaves of fall and fresh snow of winter, others find themselves having difficulty waking in the morning, experiencing daytime fatigue, eating more carbohydrates, and feeling a general sense ...

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Winter is one of the four seasons of temperate zones. Winter officially begins on the winter solstice, being the day of the year which has fewest hours of daylight. Winter ends, and spring begins, on the following equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, depending on the year, this corresponds to the period between December 20 and 21 and March 20 or 21. Winter is the season between autumn and spring. In many countries in the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia , New Zealand and South Africa, winter begins on 1 June and ends on 31 August.

From a meteorological perspective, winter is the season with the shortest days and the lowest average temperatures. It has colder weather and, especially in the higher latitudes or altitudes, snow and ice. The coldest average temperatures of the season are typically experienced in January in the Northern Hemisphere and in June or July in the Southern Hemisphere.

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