Blood test could predict diabetes years before it strikes

Scientists have identified metabolites in the blood that accurately predict whether a woman will develop type 2 diabetes after experiencing a transient form of illness during pregnancy. This discovery could lead to a test ...

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Syria declares first coronavirus death

A woman in Syria died on Sunday of the novel coronavirus, the health ministry said, marking the country's first officially declared death from COVID-19.

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Babies are spared severe COVID-19 symptoms

Infants can become infected with the new coronavirus, but their bouts with COVID-19 appear to be milder than those of older folks and people with chronic health problems, experts say.

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Kenya confirms first case of coronavirus in East Africa

Kenya announced Friday the first confirmed case of coronavirus in East Africa, as the region so far unscathed by the global pandemic scaled up emergency measures to contain its spread.

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Woman dies from coronavirus in first Guyana case

A woman who tested positive for the coronavirus in Guyana after arriving from the United States a week ago has died, health officials in the South American country announced Thursday.

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