Top US government scientist grilled on COVID

Former US government scientist Anthony Fauci angrily denied covering up the origins of COVID-19 Monday in his first public congressional testimony since retiring as the face of the fight against the pandemic.

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Setting sights on universal protection for flu

Immunology and Infectious Disease Researcher and Senior Lecturer Dr. Hillary Vanderven is working against the clock with World Health Organization (WHO) experts reporting the next flu pandemic is a matter of when, not if.

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Measles cases surging again in Europe: WHO

Measles cases are surging across Europe for a second straight year and will soon exceed the already-high number recorded in 2023, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday.


WHO seeks $7 bn with fund-raising revamp

The World Health Organization launched Sunday a new financing mechanism that aims to raise $7 billion of funds that can be deployed more quickly and flexibly.

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