New research evaluates the UK's current salt reduction program

New research from Queen Mary University of London and published in the Journal of Hypertension, shows the Government has failed to reduce population salt intakes and consequently improve public health in England since 2014 ...

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WHO declares COVID global emergency over

More than three years after the coronavirus began ravaging the planet, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Friday that the pandemic is no longer a public emergency.

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Cholera outbreak kills 214 in Malawi

Cholera has killed 214 people in Malawi but infections from one of the country's worst outbreaks in a decade have started to abate after peaking last month, the health ministry said on Wednesday.

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Is monkeypox the next pandemic? 

As more monkeypox infections are identified throughout the U.S. and the world, the public is more curious about the disease, especially because we are still in a global pandemic. Epidemiologist and professor at George Mason ...

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