Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

US approves second RSV vaccine

The US drug regulator approved a second vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), its American developer Pfizer said Wednesday, a month after the authorization of the first shot against the pathogen, a leading cause ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Could low iron be making mental health symptoms worse?

Most people these days understand that mental health issues have their roots in physical differences in our brains, genes and bodies, and differences in our life experiences.


New app helps children with 'lazy eye' visual impairment

Eye specialists, mathematicians and games designers at the University of Southampton have teamed up to develop and launch a smartphone app aimed at helping improve vital treatment for children with amblyopia, a common visual ...


Brain imaging is on the move with wearable scanning development

New research has demonstrated, for the first time, that a wearable brain scanner can measure brain function while people are standing and walking around. This breakthrough could help better understand and diagnose a range ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study shows children may consider past choices when judging others

A new study published in the journal Child Development from researchers at Boston College in Massachusetts, U.S. and the University of Queensland in Australia explores whether four- to nine-year-old-children consider past ...

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