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Children as young as 3 to 5 recognize broken promises

When it comes to broken promises, children as young as three to five recognize that some excuses are better than others. It turns out children pay attention to what we say when we don't deliver.


'Tis the season for home holiday hazards

The holidays are an exciting and busy time of year. Whether you're traveling, hosting or attending a gathering, or just cozying up at home, the holidays are filled with potential hazards that could ruin your holiday cheer.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Parenting in a post-pandemic world

If you're a parent or child caretaker, the news can feel especially daunting in these post-pandemic times. Math and reading proficiency levels among fourth- and eighth-graders across the U.S. dropped precipitously between ...


On Nutrition: Feeding kids with Type 1 diabetes

I met her at a function for young children at our church. Unlike the other parents who dropped off their kids and came back later to pick them up, this young mom stayed and waited.

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