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Are our schools damaging children's eyes?

Shockingly, research has shown a dramatic increase in the number of students leaving secondary school with short-sightedness, or myopia, and a new study published in the Journal Perspectives in Public Health, published by SAG ...

Mar 24, 2015
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Recess: An essential part of the school day

(HealthDay)—Recess is an essential part of children's school days that can help set students up for success once they head back to the classroom, a new study suggests.

Bodysuit or sleep sack?

Scientists at the Laboratoire Éthologie Animale et Humaine,, working in collaboration with a neonatologist from Brest University Hospital, observed the effect of preterm babies' clothing on their behavior. ...

Low vaccination rates fuel the 2015 measles outbreak

Inadequate vaccine coverage is likely a driving force behind the ongoing Disneyland measles outbreak, according to calculations by a research team at Boston Children's Hospital. Their report, based on epidemiological data ...

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