Creating organoids with immune systems

In many ways, our intestines serve as the front gate between our bodies and the world around us. They help digest our food and absorb our medications. They send alarm signals when harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens ...

Biomedical technology

A new generation of microimplants

They are barely the size of a thumbnail, able to communicate with each other and respond to each other, and designed to make life easier for people with functional limitations. We are talking about a new generation of interactive ...

Biomedical technology

A bioresorbable membrane for healing internal and external wounds

Fraunhofer researchers have succeeded in using the bioresorbable silica gel Renacer to produce an electrospun membrane that is neither cytotoxic to cells nor genotoxic. This model mimics fibrous structures found in connective ...

Medical economics

NHS plans to expand 'virtual wards.' But who will staff them?

To tackle ever-increasing hospital waiting times, the government is reforming the way the NHS provides services. One of these reforms is the expansion of virtual wards. The goal is to treat 50,000 people a month in their ...

Biomedical technology

Scientists first in the world to regenerate diseased kidney cells

In a world first, scientists at Duke-NUS Medical School, the National Heart Center Singapore (NHCS) and colleagues in Germany have shown that regenerative therapy to restore impaired kidney function may soon be a possibility.

Oncology & Cancer

Better cancer treatment inspired by the foam on your latte

Inspired by the foam on top of lattes, as well as gummy bears and Pop Rocks candies, researchers at the University of Iowa are creating new, biocompatible materials that may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation ...

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