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Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors

A new infection test, made up of sheets of paper patterned by lasers, has been developed by University of Southampton researchers to allow diagnosis at the point of care—helping doctors give patients the right treatment, ...

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The bizarre case of a woman who pees alcohol

Clinicians encountered a case of previously unrecognized auto-brewery syndrome in which a substantial amount of alcohol was produced by yeast fermenting sugar in a patient's urinary system, even though the patient had not ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

More virus deaths outside China raise pandemic fears

Fresh deaths and a surge in new coronavirus cases in Iran, Japan and South Korea on Tuesday fuelled fears of a pandemic, as the disease took root in some of the world's poorest—and worst-equipped—countries.

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Iraq confirms four more novel coronavirus cases

Iraq on Tuesday confirmed four new cases of the novel coronavirus in an Iraqi family returning from neighbouring Iran, bringing its total number of diagnosed infections to five.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Italy coronavirus outbreak spreads south as cases spike

Italy's new coronavirus spread south on Tuesday to Tuscany and Sicily, as the civil protection agency reported a surge in the number of infected people and Rome convened emergency talks.

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