Immunity is a peer-reviewed medical journal of immunology published by Cell Press. The journal was established in December 1994, and is edited by Peter T. Lee.

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Oncology & Cancer

Memory killer cells can improve survival for melanoma patients

Our skin contains specialized long-lived killer cells that protect against intruders. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have now identified how these cells are formed, and shown that high levels of memory killer ...

Oncology & Cancer

T cells can activate themselves to fight tumors

When you need a bit of motivation, it often has to come from within. New research suggests cancer-fighting immune cells have found a way to do just that.


A key biological pathway for multiple sclerosis uncovered

Cross-talk between brain cells and peripheral immune cells can modulate the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), Mount Sinai researchers have discovered. Their findings reveal a previously unknown way in which the brain ...


RNA editing guides immune cells to areas of tissue injury

A team of international scientists led by the Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim, and the Newcastle University (Great Britain) has succeeded in decoding a new mechanism of immune cell trafficking by examining ...

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