Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


New drug shows promise in easing chronic pain, study finds

A team of researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia have made progress toward developing a drug candidate for treating chronic pain more safely.


Scientists discover a novel modulator of human regulatory T cells

The research group of Professor Riitta Lahesmaa have discovered a novel modulator for human regulatory T cells. This novel regulator can strengthen or dampen immune response and provides a new basis for therapeutic approaches ...

Medical research

Making evidence go further in health science research

Health science research could benefit from pairing two unique methods of study, argue SFI External Professor Ross Hammond and Sharin Barkin in a May 15 perspective published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...


Study further illuminates ability of cancer drug to lower blood sugar

University of Oklahoma researchers have deepened their understanding of a drug's ability to prevent fat buildup in the liver, a condition that often occurs with obesity and can lead to serious fatty liver disease. Their findings—which ...

Medical research

Drug-like inhibitor shows promise in preventing flu

Currently available flu medications only target the virus after it has already established an infection, but what if a drug could prevent infection in the first place? Now, scientists at Scripps Research and the Albert Einstein ...

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