Translational Oncology

ranslational Oncology publishes the results of novel research investigations which bridge the laboratory and clinical settings including risk assessment, cellular and molecular characterization, prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers with the overall goal of improving the clinical care of oncology patients. Translational Oncology will publish laboratory studies of novel therapeutic interventions as well as clinical trials which evaluate new treatment paradigms for cancer. Peer reviewed manuscript types include Original Reports, Reviews, Editorials and Brief Articles.

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Medical research

The tumor environment can affect breast cancer prognosis

The environment in which breast cancer arises—the interplay between the patient's BMI, tumor size and cancer-specific proteins—is of importance for the prognosis. This is shown in a study from Lund University in Sweden. ...

Medical research

New tumor model helps researchers treat pancreatic cancer

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer face a poor prognosis because the tumor forms dense scar-like tissue that is difficult for chemotherapy drugs to penetrate, but a new model may help researchers develop new therapies.

Oncology & Cancer

New drug protects against side effects of chemotherapy

A drug developed at Linköping University in Sweden protects against the side effects of cancer treatments while strengthening the effects on the tumour. An international drug evaluation is now starting up on a larger group ...