20 cancer cases in French women with PIP implants: agency

French health authorities said Friday that 20 cases of cancer had been uncovered in women with allegedly faulty French-made breast implants but insisted there was still no proven link with the disease.

French consumer health agency AFSSAPS said that as of December 28 it had registered 15 cases of breast adenocarcinoma, the most frequent form of , one case of breast lymphoma, two cases of other lymphoma, one case of lung cancer and one case of in women with the implants.

French authorities earlier this month advised 30,000 women to have implants produced by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) removed because of an increased risk of rupture but said no direct link with cancer had been found.

AFSSAPS stressed again on Friday: "No link has to this day been established between cases of cancer and having PIP implants."

Health officials had earlier said eight cases of cancer had been registered in women with the implants, including one woman who died from a rare form of large cell lymphoma.

AFSSAPS said it had also registered 1,143 ruptures and 495 inflammatory reactions in PIP implants.

During the 672 preventive extractions it has registered, in 43 cases the implants had ruptured and in 14 they were "oozing", the agency said.

Between 300,000 and 400,000 women in 65 countries from Europe to Latin America have received implants made with sub-standard by PIP, once the world's third-largest producer of .

PIP was shut down and its products banned in April 2010 after it was revealed to have been using non-authorised silicone gel that caused abnormally high implant rupture rates.

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