Researchers discover molecule that kills cavity causing mouth bacteria

(Medical Xpress) -- Yale researcher Jose Cordova and Erich Astudillo from the University of Chile (and Founder of Top Tech Innovations SpA) have after working together, discovered a new molecule that kills the bacteria Streptococcus Mutans; long known to be responsible for breaking down sugars in food in the mouth and leaving behind lactic acid which corrodes tooth enamel leading to decay. The new molecule they call Keep 32 (after the 32 teeth in the average human mouth) has been found to kill the bacteria on contact.

The two have applied for a patent on their discovery and have also begun a aimed at both oral care products and makers of food. They say either product if left in the mouth for just 60 seconds will eliminate all the in the mouth and keep them at bay for several hours. If the new molecule passes health and safety tests, the two believe products using their new molecule should be on the market in as little a year and a half. They expect the market for such a product to reach $300 million in just the first year.

The duo have been working together since 2005 using money from the Founder Institute and say the ultimate objective it so license the process for creating the molecule they’ve discovered to big companies like Procter & Gamble, Colgate or even candy companies such as Hershey’s. In interviews with the press in Chile, Astudillo has indicated that the two researchers are already heavily into negotiations with several companies, some of which are interested in buying the outright once it is approved.

Over the years many products have come on the scene with claims of relieving humanity of the plague of , cavities and sometimes the loss of teeth, but other than the introduction of fluoride into drinking water, not much progress has been. If the claims made by this new team proves true however, it could herald a watershed mark in ridding the world of tooth decay as well as helping to improve the health overall for millions as tooth decay and the inflammation that occurs as a result have in recent times been linked to many other health problems throughout the body including heart attacks and even dementia.

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