Only high exercise levels tied to better erectile, sexual function

April 13, 2015
Only high exercise levels tied to better erectile, sexual function

(HealthDay)—High weekly exercise levels are tied to better erectile/sexual function in men, whereas exercise at lower levels is not, according to a study published online March 20 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Ross M. Simon, M.D., from the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C., and utilized self-reported questionnaires to assess exercise and erectile/sexual function in 295 healthy participants. Exercise was characterized as sedentary (<3 metabolic equivalents [MET] hours/week); mildly active (3 to 8.9); moderately active (9 to 17.9); and highly active (≥18).

The researchers found that higher exercise was associated with a better sexual function score (P < 0.001). Since there was no association between black race and exercise (P-interaction = 0.772), exercise was tied to better erectile/sexual function regardless of race. Better erectile/sexual function was predicted by exercise ≥18 MET hours/week (P < 0.001), which was clinically significant. Erectile/sexual function was not significantly associated with exercise at lower levels, either statistically or clinically.

"In a racially diverse population, exercise ≥18 MET hours/week is highly associated with better erectile/sexual function regardless of race," the authors write.

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