Regenerative Medicine highlights the immunological challenges that lie ahead for RegenMed

The journal Regenerative Medicine has published a special focus issue on methods to avoid immune rejection in regenerative medicine.

The immunology of is an immature discipline, yet it is of profound importance that research continues in this field. Stem cells are increasingly used in the research of potential therapies and cures, and the issue of immunity is an essential part of the progress and development of regenerative medicine. This issue of Regenerative Medicine therefore provides great insight into the interface between and immunology - to bring cell therapies into the clinic we must overcome challenges such as immunological rejection.

"By bringing together a broad range of expertise in immunology and stem cell biology, we hope that this Special Focus Issue will highlight the immunological challenges that lie ahead for regenerative medicine, stimulate productive dialog between the two fields and open up new avenues of research. Only through such interdisciplinary collaboration will solutions ultimately be found."

"Since RegMedNet is rapidly becoming the pre-eminent forum in which to discuss issues relevant to regenerative medicine, I am particularly pleased to be able to use it to announce the publication of the Regenerative Medicine Special Focus Issue devoted to the immunological issues that face this emerging field." said Professor Fairchild (Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, UK, and guest editor of this issue).

Elena Conroy, Commissioning Editor of Regenerative Medicine, commented: "I hope the articles included in this issue will highlight the importance of immunology in regenerative medicine, as well as encouraging debate and discussion - hopefully leading to more progress and collaboration in the future."

Titled 'Immunological challenges and opportunities in regenerative medicine', the issue includes an article by a number of collaborating authors including Sir Ian Wilmut and Professor Shynia Yamanaka focusing on proposals for the generation of a global haplobank of GMP-compliant induced lines to facilitate matching between donor and recipient, in addition to an interview and profile on the new UKRMP "immunomodulation hub" collaboration.

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