Three issues to consider before selecting EHR

Three issues to consider before selecting EHR

(HealthDay)—Work flow, features and functionality, and technical infrastructure should all be considered in advance of selecting an electronic heath record (EHR) system, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

The article highlights issues that need to be considered before choosing an EHR. Staff needs and wants should be carefully assessed well in advance of selected vendor partners arriving to install the system.

According to the article, physicians or offices should examine their work flow before selecting an EHR; physician and work flows should be reviewed separately. EHRs should accommodate clinic workflows, rather than forcing physicians and staff to adapt to the EHR. Practices should compile a wish list of features and . In addition, they should contact similar practices in the area using the same system and check their satisfaction. Technical infrastructure also needs to be considered, including factors such as computer processing speed, Internet connection, broadband width, and battery life, which can impact EHR performance; staff tend to blame the EHR system for poor performance when it often has more to do with hardware and technology.

"Experts say it is helpful to assemble a work group composed of an administrator, physician, administrative staff member, and clinical staff member, to put together a list of required EHR functions and capabilities. Make sure to do this well before beginning your practice's selection process," according to the article.

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