Africa faces rising rates of traumatic brain injury

New research reveals that the projected estimates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Africa are high, with a burden of anywhere between approximately 6 to 14 million new cases in 2050. Most cases will result from motor vehicle accidents.

For the study, investigators conducted a literature search for population-based studies of TBI in different geographic locations. The findings highlight the need to develop accurate surveillance systems of TBI at a population level as well as public health measures to reduce the risk and burden of TBI.

"Now is the opportunity to think about such issues as road traffic injuries and ways to mitigate their potentially huge impact to Africans in the decades to come," said Dr. Farrah Mateen, senior author of the European Journal of Neurology study. " Other causes of , such as , would further increase our estimated range."

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More information: Wong, J. C., Linn, K. A., Shinohara, R. T. and Mateen, F. J. (2015), Traumatic brain injury in Africa in 2050: a modeling study. European Journal of Neurology. DOI: 10.1111/ene.12877
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