High levels of physical activity may worsen asthma control in young females

Among 526 adolescents and young adults who were asked about their exercise habits, those with asthma tended to report more physical activity than those without asthma. Compared with moderate physical activity, high physical activity levels were linked with poorer asthma control in females, but not in males.

The findings, which are published in Respirology, suggest that healthcare professionals should pay extra attention to the treatment of asthma in highly active females; however, the topic must be further studied when is objectively measured and type and intensity of exercise are characterized.

"It is important to remember that the high level of activity means nothing extreme—in our patient material every third girl exercised that much. Still, we uncovered these results, and with such a distinct gender difference," said lead author Dr. Ludvig Lövström.

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More information: Respirology, dx.doi.org/10.1111/resp.12671
Journal information: Respirology

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