Cocoa pod extract deemed effective as antiwrinkle gel

Cocoa pod extract deemed effective as antiwrinkle gel

(HealthDay)—Cocoa pod extract (CPE) can be used as an active ingredient of antiwrinkle products, with effects seen after three weeks of application of CPE gel, according to a study published online April 4 in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Azila Abdul Karim, from the Malaysian Cocoa Board in Nilai, and colleagues used liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to screen the active compounds in CPE. The concentration of CPE needed to maintain the viability for at least 50 percent of was determined (EC50). In order to examine the efficacy of CPE in form, the gel was tested by 12 panelists using Visioscan.

The researchers found that CPE contained malic acid, procyanidin B1, rosmarinic acid, procyanidin C1, apigenin, and . The amount of CPE that could be incorporated into the gel to reach an effective concentration while being nontoxic was calculated using the EC50 value. With application of CPE gel, skin wrinkles were reduced by 6.38 ± 1.23 percent within three weeks, with further significant improvement after five weeks (12.39 ± 1.59 percent). After three weeks of CPE gel application the skin hydration increased (3.18 ± 1.06 percent).

"CPE can be used as the active ingredients in antiwrinkle products, and prolonged application may result in significant visual changes to the naked eyes," the authors write.

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