Patient-physician communication is critical for prostate cancer survivors' health

For prostate cancer patients who had their prostates surgically removed, patient-physician communication was key for helping them cope with their disease and for improving their health-related quality of life.

The authors of the 1772-patient study note that patient-physician communication is not only a question of patients' or feeling accepted, but an issue of physical, cognitive, emotional, and when living with localized prostate cancer and dealing with the side effects of treatments.

"At least 3 years after , patient-physician communication is associated with patients' quality of life. Efforts to build and maintain a trustful relationship should be part of long-term follow-up care for prostate cancer patients and survivors," said Dr. Nicole Ernstmann, lead author of the BJU International study.

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More information: N Ernstmann et al, Patient-physician-communication and health related quality of life of localized prostate cancer patients undergoing radical prostatectomy - a longitudinal multilevel analysis, BJU International (2016). DOI: 10.1111/bju.13495
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