The BMJ reports on disclosure UK

The BMJ reports on disclosure UK
Summary of data included in the database. Credit: Will Stahl-Timmins for The BMJ 2016

The BMJ has produced a series of info-graphics to illustrate payments received by doctors, as disclosed in the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) database, launched last week.

This is a useful step towards greater transparency and public accountability, but it serves mainly to show just how far we have yet to go.

An editorial by The BMJ's Editor in Chief, Fiona Godlee and Clinical Editor, Kate Adlington, says that this is just the start on the way towards transparency.

The data show that who are paid the most by UK drug companies for providing time and advice are the least likely to have voluntarily declared the payments.

Another article shows that the doctors who declared the most earnings from in the new database have said that being transparent about payments should be mandatory.

Ben Goldacre has been working with The BMJ to analyse the data and has criticised the website for its partial attempt at transparency.

Finally, BMJ columnist, Margaret McCartney, argues that optional disclosure of is pointless.

The BMJ reports on disclosure UK
Where does all the money go? Credit: Will Stahl-Timmins for The BMJ 2016

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