CDC: Don't donate sperm in three Florida counties due to Zika

Zika virus
Transmission electron microscope image of negative-stained, Fortaleza-strain Zika virus (red), isolated from a microcephaly case in Brazil. The virus is associated with cellular membranes in the center. Credit: NIAID

U.S. health officials say men from three Florida counties shouldn't donate sperm because of the risk of spreading Zika.

The guidance had previously applied to Miami-Dade County, the only place in Florida where there's evidence the virus was spread by mosquitoes. But infections were reported in people in South Florida who said they hadn't been in that county. So the guidance was extended Monday to two counties north of Miami—Broward and Palm Beach.

The advice applies to men who lived or traveled in those counties since June 15.

Zika is mainly spread by mosquito bites. It can also be spread through sex. The virus can remain in semen for months.

Most don't get sick. But infection during pregnancy can lead to .

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