Four strategies help doctors make personal, professional gains

Four strategies help doctors make personal, professional gains

(HealthDay)—In an article published in Physicians Practice, four strategies are presented to help physicians make personal and professional gains.

The article provides four strategies for recommendations that can be relied upon for taking action, progressing toward goals, and feeling better about career and life goals. The first is to take time for reflection and not rush into the next task. Slowing down and focusing can allow for finding a better, more effective way to proceed, rather than rushing into the next task.

Other strategies include breaking away from the pack, and not feeling the need to do something just because everyone else seems to be doing it. In addition, physicians are encouraged to focus on something specific. This can include publishing papers, attending symposiums, speaking on one specific topic, and developing a specialty focus. Finally, physicians should be encouraged to pursue their dreams, which may involve forsaking things that are comfortable and familiar.

"If there is a common theme to the four suggestions above, it is that boldness often leads to breakthroughs," according to the article. "Yes, you might make a and even raise an or two, but the potential for tremendous gain also looms and is so worthwhile."

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