Health management software in a single cloud station

Health management software in a single cloud station
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Electronic medical records are only useful when available at an appropriate care facility at the right time and in the correct context. The ePersonam project has developed a complete cloud-based health record management tool to ensure electronic health records (EHRs) are used to their full potential.

In Europe, people over the age of 65 years account for one fifth of the population with mounting demands on long-term care services. The scale of the problem is reflected in the number of long-term beds – 3.6 million in nursing and residential care facilities in 23 EU Member States in 2015. All this and only 1 percent of GDP spent on long-term nursing care has created an enormous gap for an efficient, cost-cutting management .

The EU-funded ePersonam project has provided a system that addresses the increasing complexity of fragmented hospital information systems. ePersonam management software integrates all the functions necessary for an organisation in a single cloud solution (Amazon Web Service).

Under the umbrella of a software platform that controls patients' medical records and all the vital parameters, there is also scope for connection with attending medical staff and clinical centres. As project coordinator Mr Umberto Brighetti stresses, "an efficient, scalable and low-cost is in demand to meet the challenges."

Cutting the complexity of EHRs

The aim of EHRs is to improve health management, and they are expected to cut costs by improving workflow. The reality is that these records are complex and frequently disorganised. Many systems are combined with other functions such as billing and human resources and are specific for client server systems. "Consequent errors threaten the integrity of information in the EHR, affecting patient safety," explains Brighetti.

As chronic diseases and severe disabilities are the hallmark of an ageing population and health needs are presently inadequately addressed, the main benefit of the new integrated, unified system is constant monitoring and therefore possible improvement in the state of health.

Positive results can be achieved through prevention and control combined with active ageing while living with chronic diseases. A decrease in hospitalisation reduces overall the health cost for society and boosts the well-being of the patient. Moreover, the user will have complete knowledge of their patient's health status.

ePersonam system not just another health management tool

Advenias, the SME behind the technology, has developed the system for complete management of residential users from entry to discharge – all the nursing processes, assistance and physiotherapy integrated with each other. Moreover, collection, storage and subsequent retrieval of administrative and social welfare data is guaranteed and facilitated.

Compatible with all computers, smartphones and tablets, it easily manages business anywhere and anytime. "ePersonam will significantly improve the overall productivity and profitability by effectiveness, efficiency and security of all aspects of organisational processes," says Brighetti, summing up the system's main advantages.

Development in phase 1 heading towards globalisation

Meticulous planning underpins the success of the ePersonam system. "Phase 1 studied the technological gap between our product, our platform and that of our competitors: at present there is no similar software in Europe at this technological level, that is, completely cloud-based," emphasises Brighetti.

Looking ahead, the study points the way to be taken for internationalisation in terms of product customisation. ePersonam developed a roadmap for organisational evolution to sustain the rapid growth Advenias has accomplished in Italy over the last 5 years. Market analysis of the competitors in bordering countries, Spain, France and Portugal, has been executed for the purposes of internationalisation.

A bright future for a developing SME

At present, Advenias employs 15 systems and business experts and has so far generated a EUR 2 million turnover business in Italy. The software is already being used in 500 hospitals and clinics by 60 000 active users.

Forecasts are optimistic and the company foresees that after 5 years of commercialisation, the software will have a share of 0.6 percent of the global market and will earn EUR 4.9 million profit.

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