U.S. doctor released from Omaha hospital after Ebola monitoring

U.S. doctor released from omaha hospital after ebola monitoring

(HealthDay)—An American doctor who was monitored for 21 days after possible Ebola exposure did not develop the deadly disease and has been released from the Nebraska Medicine-Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, officials say.

The unidentified doctor's possible exposure to Ebola occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there is an Ebola outbreak.

"This person completed the required 21-day monitoring period and did not develop symptoms of the disease," Ted Cieslak, M.D., an specialist and associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, said in a medical center news release. "Because this individual was symptom free throughout the monitoring period, it was determined they did not have Ebola, and therefore, were free to depart our facility and return home."

The doctor arrived at the medical center for monitoring on Dec. 29 and was kept in a secure area not accessible to other patients or the public. After leaving the medical center on Jan. 12, the doctor left Omaha.

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