Penis extensions don't work, can be risky, study says

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Penis extensions don't work and can be risky, a new study says.

The study, published in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews, included a of 1,192 men screened in 17 different studies that had a total of 21 surgical and nonsurgical procedures to enhance penis size.

According to the study, procedures to enhance penis size were not effective and often resulted in complications.

In nonsurgical treatments, when using extenders, some increased in length—but by less than 2 cm, or 0.79 inches. Procedures using injectables "increased girth but were associated with a high rate." Procedures that used a vacuum device "did not increase size," the study said.

In surgical treatments including suspensory ligament incision, tissue grafting, dermal fat and penile disassembly, some men "reported a significant size increase. But, none of the techniques were verified successful by other parties and "complications were not infrequent," the study said.

"Treatment of small penis in normal men is supported by scant, low-quality evidence," the study said.

The study advised "injectibles and surgery should remain a last option" to increase penis size.

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