Price hikes for hundreds of medications

Price hikes for hundreds of medications

U.S. drug companies have started the new year by raising the prices of hundreds of medications.

Just a few days into 2020, the of 411 drugs increased an average of 5 percent, according to GoodRx. Of those drugs, 407 are brand-name products and four are generics, CBS News reported.

The largest increase was a more than 13 percent rise in the list price of Neos Therapeutics' Cotempla XR, a stimulant used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Other commonly prescribed drugs with include Eliquis (6 percent), often prescribed to prevent , and Humira (7.4 percent), used to treat inflammation in patients with autoimmune disease, CBS News reported.

More drugs are likely to see price hikes in the coming weeks, experts added.

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