Green tea may help with weight loss efforts

green tea
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In an analysis of randomized controlled trials, individuals who consumed green tea experienced a significant decline in body weight and body mass index. On the other hand, the analysis did not show any significant change in terms of waist circumference (a measure of abdominal fat) with green tea supplementation.

The findings are published in Phytotherapy Research.

The analysis of 26 randomized controlled trials including 1,344 participants found that and body mass index significantly changed after was consumed for periods longer than 12 weeks and at a dosage of less than 800 mg/day.

More information: Ying Lin et al, The effect of green tea supplementation on obesity: A systematic review and dose–response meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials, Phytotherapy Research (2020). DOI: 10.1002/ptr.6697

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