A preliminary report of the Favipiravir Observational Study

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The Favipiravir Observational Study Group (principal investigator: Dr. Yohei Doi, Fujita Health University) released a preliminary report of the Favipiravir Observational Study in Japan on the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases website.

Favipiraivr (brand name Avigan) is an anti-influenza drug which was developed by FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. Favipiravir can be administered to hospitalized with COVID-19 on a compassionate use basis on condition that the hospital participates in this , obtains informed consent from the patient and the provider considers its use to be appropriate. There are two parts to this observational study: this observational study which is tasked with timely reporting of overall characteristics of patients who received anti-viral agents such as favipiravir, and a registry (COVID-19 Registry Japan), which is tasked with detailed reporting of COVID-19 patients in general.

This contains entries made to the study database by COB May 15, 2020, consisting of 2,158 patients who received favpiravir for COVID-19 and describes their background, clinical course, outcome and adverse events. The study collects focused data using an online survey home and is not intended to generate a comprehensive data set. Data cleaning is performed as needed, such as when a duplicate entry is apparent, but otherwise the data are included as they were entered. Importantly, COVID-19 patients who did not receive anti-viral agents are not included in the study, thus comparison with untreated patients is not possible.

This study is conducted as part of research grant "Study on multicenter open-label randomized clinical trial of favipiravir to evaluate the viral load reduction effect in asymptomatic and mild patients with SARS-CoV2 infection/A multicenter observational study to evaluate the clinical course of moderate and severe patients receiving favipiravir," from the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development to Fujita Health University.

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More information: www.kansensho.or.jp/uploads/fi … report_en_200529.pdf
Provided by Fujita Health University
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