Latin America is now region with most COVID-19 deaths

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Latin America and the Caribbean surpassed Europe on Friday to become the region with the most COVID-19 deaths, according to an AFP count based on official data.

The world's worst-hit region has recorded 213,120 fatal cases, 460 more than Europe, according to the tally registered at 1700 GMT.

Over the last week, 44 percent of global deaths from COVID-19—18,300 out of 41,500—happened in the region.

Latin America is also the with the largest number of infections in the world with 5.3 million.

More than half, some 2.9 million, are in Brazil, which has also recorded 98,500 deaths among its 212 million people.

Only the United States has been worse hit.

The second worst-affected country in Latin America, Mexico, passed 50,000 deaths on Thursday and has registered more than 460,000 cases, according to official figures.

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