Factors associated with high performance improvement in VA primary care settings

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VA researchers whose aim was to identify organizational and contextual factors associated with greater use of patient engagement processes found that high performing clinics were more likely to have fully-staffed primary care teams, clearly defined roles for team members, leadership responsible for implementing team-based care, and team meetings to discuss performance improvement, compared to clinics that performed poorly with regard to use of patient engagement processes.

Previous research has found that patients who are actively engaged in their own care are more likely to adhere to treatment, perform regular self-monitoring, have better intermediate health outcomes, and report better mental health and physical functioning. for engaging patients in self-management include involving patients in long-term planning and goal setting, training providers in motivational interviewing, and promoting the use of shared medical appointments, group visits, peer support, and home telehealth.

Improving organizational functioning of primary care teams may enhance in care.

More information: David A. Katz et al. Care Practices to Promote Patient Engagement in VA Primary Care: Factors Associated With High Performance, The Annals of Family Medicine (2020). DOI: 10.1370/afm.2569

Journal information: Annals of Family Medicine
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